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  • Beh1nd

    Greek Dog, Santorini, Greece, via Etsy.

  • Sue Mayer

    Photograph Photo Sleeping Dog Ocean Volcano by HoneySicleStudios, $19.50

  • I<

    doggy bliss on a roof by potomacpix, via kinda dogie.

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Makes me laugh, sheep in the house.

<p>Unlike other people who go out and purchase exotic pets, Penguin the magpie came to the Blooms as a result of a tragic turn of fate.</p>

Cute Baby Blue Frog

dog shaming :) Cutest one ever...


Me when I see dogs

Bubbles And Bella, Elephant And Dog, Are Inseparable BFFs.


Love his smile.


indeed...this is true..


Just another vicious Pitbull


Baby Wallaby.

Life is SO GOOD!!!!

Have you had your heart rescued by a dog? It's a beautiful thing. He was my best friend and loyal companion and I will miss him for the rest of my life.

This just melts my heart!

You know, I really don't like this "bath" thingy!

New puppy claimed by family dog as his own, awww

what a cutie!

Big dog likes bigger dogg. Attack Of The Funny Animals