The Sound and the Fury

Three books in one.. memoir, global agribusiness, and college essay. Interesting read about the food chain, life and family.

Roots: The Saga of an American Family

Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman One of the BEST books I've read in a LONG time! Love love love it!

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë by Penguin Books UK, via Flickr

These Things Hidden

Fiction Ruined My Family by Jeanne Darst

Under the Boardwalk (Costas Sisters #1)

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey | 20 Incredible Books From The Past Year You Need To Read Right Now

A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York by Anjelica Huston. And in case you think of Anjelica as an actor, her first directorial credit was Bastard Out of Carolina (1996), followed by Agnes Browne (1999), in which she both directed and starred, and then Riding the Bus with My Sister (2005).


Virginia Woolf book covers illustrated by Vanessa Bell

Little, Big by John Crowley: A family saga anchored on the edge of a forest.

THE YONAHLOSSEE RIDING CAMP FOR GIRLS by Anton Disclafani -- A lush, sexy, evocative debut novel of family secrets and girls’-school rituals, set in the 1930s South.

Thomas Mann - Buddenbrooks. His first novel, published in 1901. It portrays the downfall of a wealthy mercantile family of Lübeck, Germany, over four generations. "The sad thing is that one lives but once—one can't begin life over again. And one would know so much better the second time!"

Every neighborhood has that house: The one with broken down cars in the front yard, where the father is always out of work, one no one wants to go near. Twelve-year-old Jack Witcher lives in that house. And that’s just where his problems begin. If Jack's in Love by Stephen Wetta, Introduction, Author Bio, and Discussion Questions available

The Brothers Grimm left one tale untold . . . Once there were six sisters. The pretty one, the musical one, the clever one, the helpful one, the young one . . . And then there was the Wild one. 'The Wild Girl' by Kate Forsyth - Download a free ebook sample and give it a try! Don't forget to share it, too.

Moscow, 1891-- Anton Chekhov

Isabels Secret

The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoyevski