Grams, Kilograms, and Liters Common Core 5 Day Unit - Kathryn Willis -

Common Core and So Much More: Area and Perimeter Assessments Freebie!

Volume and Mass Scoot~ CCSS {{Freebie}} Practice volume and mass in a fun way with this Volume and Mass Scoot. It is aligned to CCSS 3.MD.2. Students will be solving problems using liters, kilograms, and grams. They will also read beakers and choose units of measure. Grade Level(s): Third, Fourth

Why I Love Common Core Math - Eight Standards for Mathematical Practice, Part 1

OpenEd provides quality, free online lesson plans and videos for K-12 grades that align to Common Core and other standards.

Third Grade Cut & Paste Math Activities - great activities for almost every standard! Addresses fractions, numbers and base ten, operations and algebraic thinking, geometry, and measurement. There are two cut and paste activities per standard for most standards.

Third Grade Common Core Math Centers EASY set up math centers covering EVERY third grade common core standard. 49 Centers! Made with the teacher in mind!! Also available for 2nd and 4th grade!!!

Common Core Place Value Math Game- FREE math game for grades 2-5. Common Core aligned, with differentiation ideas and higher order thinking questions.

This blog is seriously the coolest, it makes me wish I was teaching third grade! But some of her ideas can be applied to high school...I will definitely be using the cereal and spaghetti idea to introduce Euclidean geometry on the first day of summer school!!! So excited :)

▶ Expanded Form - YouTube

Sentence frames/starters to provide evidence and explanations. (Common Core)

Measurement -- Longer/Shorter. Easy for my five year old but good practice for her to work independently. Was surprised my two year old sorted and match the lines on her own the way they are in the picture. Super easy to put together.

this is the best thing ever!!! Book list that correlates with the ELA common core strands by grade level!!

All Things Upper Elementary: Dream House: An Additive Area Project (3rd Grade Common Core) - Blog post with freebie

Third Grade Math Projects - Fraction Kites

Subtraction with Regrouping helps from

Third Grade Thinkers

I ask joshua to round with the papers... and I would pretend that I give him a dollar amount and he is to tell me how much he should get back... Plus there are many more activities do with sales ads...

Grade-3-Common-Core Cheat Sheet----also has all grades. Great to send home with parents!