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I have none but still true!

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Oh, this is so true. I am a snob...

guilty. www.thesolutionocala.com

Gran Nell always said "patience is a virtue". www.thesolutionocala.com


I love the way you smile at me. I've always told my husband how much I love his smile. :)

There's nothing salt water can't cure.

it's hard not to fall in love with someone when they see the mixed up parts of you soul. when they understand thae darkest and dustiest corners of your mind. when it's four a.m. and they call because they kow you're not asleep

e.e. cummings

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DMB <3 it!


How true!

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." Augusten Burroughs So true in my life.

So true!

way too much.