Jump Jump Jump!

I literally just laughed so hard I cried. Why is this so funny to me??

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Animal Photo Bombers

No flatscreen, Apple Play or devices ... Wait a sec. No current. But they're smiling. Happiness can be easy ... I'm only reflecting ... #people #life

Funny animals

Albino Animals

Who doesn't smile while looking at this?

Smiling animals :D

It's so cute I'm gonna die

viralmaze pets trying to mimmick their masters result is hilarious

Aww :)

Animals with their stuffed animals :) Too cute!!

Animals laughing. lol the dog is hilarious just for the way the cat is looking at him More amazing and funny stuff at http://funiest-stuff.com/funny-dog-pictures/

Baby Animals

Huskies in various emotional states

Babies of any animal are adorable!!!!

love this mug, perfect for the animal lover!