whats your name? 3rd grade beginning of year project

name art: write you name in cursive 10x on white paper....must touch or overlap. Fill in with 2-4 colors of marker.

great art projects on this site.

Name sculpture for back to school art project.

Blind Contour Drawing - love this way of getting them not to peek! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!! And fun looking too!!!!

elementary art lesson 5th grade coffee cups tempera paint pattern color. Complex patterns. Would love to find this template to make a piece of art for my kitchen!

Art project - sunset

cursive monsters

Students love making Celtic Knot paintings of their last name initial for St. patrick's Day art projects!

Birds for the wall

Design idea for sketchbook covers

abstract name designs

Recycled art project?

mrspicasso's art room: 3rd gr name projects - good for beginning of year

Aliens and spaceships art project, 2nd or 3rd grade idea

Names in One Point Perspective - no lesson plan attached, but I think I could figure this out. A nice alternative to the landscape that I normally do. *** I just tried this with my daughter's name - my thought is that it's too difficult for 11 year olds...

Grade 5 portraits

Sun with waves....simple rhythm lesson or warm/cool colored lesson! Oil Pastel, 6th Grade!

smART Class: Floating on to ___ grade!! End of the year project!

this would be great for the end of the year...or maybe the art room door!