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The Selby presents Greg Wooten - Design Purveyor in his apartment - New York City - Jan 2012

Daisuke Genma « the selby

The Selby is in Your Place is Photographs and Paintings by Todd Selby of Creative People and Creative Spaces

friendly reminder that p is talented af and we are the proudest anyone could be

thursdays-at-the-coffeeshop: “ thesoutherly: “ An Orchard Brunch — Offbeat + Inspired ” I dream of things like this.

carrie brownstein

Carrie Brownstein and the SATS of 80’s Rock. Analogies!

Thee famous leg kicks by Carrie Brownstein. I got to see this leg flaring in the air @ Union Transfer October 2011

DIY Desk, so Cute! Love the simple idea of plywood or glass on top of two 2-holes bookshelves! How easy!

Chic glass computer desk More DIY Desk Ideas for a Posh Home Office. With frosted glass.

[..:..::..we could be heroes..::..:..] ☆

I got a ukulele! I will learn how to play! I won't just let it sit in my room and gather dust, and when people ask "Do you play the ukulele?

My hubby, Bryan, and I are both musicians, and artists -- he did that guitar painting of me that you see hanging up there. He's also a carpenter who made that entire tree branch guitar rack! It was totally all his idea and his craftiness. The whole thing only took him about a day to complete -- he's got skills. Here's how he pulled it off...

Hand-made, up-cycled, tree branch guitar rack

Along the same lines as the driftwood idea. up-cycled, tree branch guitar rack