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Is it a McRing?

oh my word

DIY T-Rex Heels

She Made Her Easter Eggs Into A Hairstyle - NoWayGirl

Cookie Monster

Big Bird

The Next Milestone Is A Hamster Wheel.

It's Not Wise To Upset a Wookie. Or Eat One, Probably.

Vicks VapoRub® scented candle


Planters made of mom jeans.

This gives me a headache.

My love for our planet has its limits. This would be it.

Fake toast. It may not be practical, but at least you had something to take your mind off the voices.

Is shaping the bread into a penis a part of the recipe?

Bikini Jeans. For when you just can't decide which slutty look to go with.

: (

Flip-flops for rednecks. | Pinterest, You Are Drunk

Bacon roses. BACON! ROSES!!!

yes, thats is a uterus.

"a permanent marker can change your staples from boring to awesome in a jiffy. Wait, wait, wait--we're crafting STAPLES now? Is this a thing?" - via penny knapik

Via Kristen Howerton. Who knows how much we love nail art.

You know how you just can't unsee some things: We present: bikini pants.

For those days when being the Hamburgler just isn't glamorous enough. ---> Hamburger eye makeup!

best and worst chairs ever.