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  • Melissa Ritchie

    Historically accurate Disney Princess outfits

  • Lilah Dahl

    Disney Princesses in Historically Accurate Costumes - Aurora nspired by her childhood memories of Disneyland and a practical knowledge of period costuming, artist Claire Hummel created a series of illustrations featuring historically accurate versions of Disney’s princess costumes. Hummel was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently working as an artist for Microsoft Game Studios Publishing.

  • Rachel

    So familiar a gleam by Claire Hummel. Historical Disney Princesses. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty #fanart #spindle #thread #blue!

  • Anna Lee

    Historically Accurate Disney Princess Costumes; Sleeping Beauty by Claire Hummel

  • Josie Mattson

    If Disney's princess dresses were more historically accurate "Sleeping Beauty"

  • Benedetta Ferrero Varsino

    Aurora, Sleeping Beauty Blue | 7 Disney Characters Dressed In Stunning Period Costumes

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