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to the so called "larry shippers" who say shes ugly, get some respect idc if elounor is real or not, this girl is gorgeous!!!! i kniw that the real larry shippers are respectful and kind, stop giving them a bad name!!! Everybody Love Everbody!

The lovely and gorgeous, Eleanor Calder :) xx do u see Niall in the back?

She is honestly the most beautiful and adorable girl I have ever seen love her so so so so much x

Eleanor (: ❤ uhh, guys why do they always crop out the fans? That's the whole reason the picture was taken.

Eleanor Calder, gorgeous. She's pretty with makeup, but i think even more without!

Eleanor tweeted "Im Lou in the 1920" SO ADORABLE Eleanor is probably one of the most GORGEOUS girls ever. I am so freaking jealous.♥

Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson.