Twiggy Floor Lamp by Foscarini

Docks Furniture System by Björn Meier and Till Grosch for ophelis

Docks Furniture System

Designers Björn Meier and Till Grosch have created a modular office furniture system named Docks for manufacturer ophelis.


Twiggy Floor Lamp by Foscarini

Twiggy Floor Lamp by Marc Sadler for Foscarini

The Corliss Chair by Studio DUNN

Office furniture for naps, via Flickr. Oh, how I could have used one of these!

Open Book

Particle board and plywood use to suck. The ugly duckings have turned into swans it would seem.

Q1 Lounge Chair by ODESD2

The V1 chair by ODESD2

Giant Birdsnest by OGE CreativeGroup

Fork Floor Lamp by Diesel for @Foscarini

Convertible Sofa.. Seriously They Stole The Imagination From My Childhood, I Pretended My Moms Chairs Would Do This

// eames low rod

Demisch Danant - Antoine Philippon/Jacqueline Lecoq

lucas maassen

Isotta | Pianca design made in italy