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    Old Spice Questions Commercial (video, ad, advert, Ladies, does your man look like me? motorcycle, jacuzzi, swan dive)

    Simba - The visual metaphor shown in this image is an effective sales tool. The statement “Smell like a Man” gives the cologne a metaphoric meaning. By placing a well-built man on horseback, it sends a message that this cologne will not only make you smell like a man, but it will give you all the characteristics of a man.

    These are the people I love. These are my people.

    Doritos made a humongous impact with this strategic Social Media Campaign from the 2013 Super Bowl. They overcame the typical junk food phenomenon and made it a funny commercial. This commercial is quick and to the point and makes it fun for all ages. This campaign catches the eye of any viewer because it illustrates how much fun life is when eating Doritos.

    This makes me think of Tom Parker from The Wanted whenever he laughs in an interview and falls on the floor.

    This is SO me. Ok so me, my sister, aunt, and cousin went to see 'Turbo' a couple days ago. We went to Aloha Kitchen before and my aunt ordered us Spam Musubi. (If you don't know what that is... Sorry) I shoved that box into my purse like nobody's business and ate it in the movie theaters. ;)

    oooh and he has my maiden name… it's FATE!!!! I'm sure we're related! :D

    Disney ladies as kokeshi dolls?! I want them all!! ~snow white, aurora, cinderella, belle, mulan, ariel, kida, esmerelda, jasmine, pocahantas, tiana, meg, tinker belle, jane, alice, giselle, jessie, lilo, sally, boo, jessica rabbit, violet parr, wendy, melody, the queen of hearts, lady tremaine, the evil queen, malificent, ursula, and cruella

    These Old Spice Commercials are hilarious! "Look at your man, back to me, back at your man now back to me...sadly he isn't me, but if he stopped using ladies scented body wash and switched to Old Spice he could smell like me

    I like this ad despite it being an anti-beard ad. Definitely better than the last round of old spice ads for their bar soap. Verdict, The Good.