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  • Aunt Heidelberg

    Tiny House Blog - Living Simply in Small Spaces - This is the "House Arc", made of 90% recyclable, lightweight steel tubes, and is totally off grid! <3 tiny houses!!

  • Jim Morris

    Vintage Trailer Renovated Into Beautiful Live + Work Space By Downsizing Architect : TreeHugger

  • Patty Chapman

    Prefab Off-grid Tiny Home "'House Arc' is a modular, prefab housing system developed by Palo Alto, California-based Bellomo Architects. Designed to be 100% off the grid, the 150-square-foot unit can be flat-packed and shipped in a box that is 4x10x3 feet in size. Considered a model for compact living, the structure's curvaceous shape is formed from a lightweight frame made of steel tubes - when complete it weighs only 3000 pounds. The intention of 'house arc' is to aid people located in...

  • Meg D

    House Arc: Stylish and Flat-Packed for Shipping - The 150-square-foot abode—with its lightweight, modular bent-steel tube construction, was conceived for both emergency shelters and backyard retreats.

  • Kayly Newcomer

    The House Arc, a modular cabin that is delivered flat in a 4' x 10' x 3' box and measures 8 feet by 12 feet when built, can be an an off-grid office, studio or home. House Arc/Bike Arc

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