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Math Party is a multiplayer mental math game for all from 5 years old. The screen is split in two for each player. Each player chooses its difficulty level, so children can play against their parents.

FREEBIE - Printable math game NO PREP - In this game, the players hunt for 2 or 3 numbers that add to 15. The last player to color a pair or trio is the winner.

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The Bucket Game - clever review game for in the classroom. Students throw a ball into a bucket designating different levels of difficulty questions. If the student gets the correct answer then their team gets the number of points corresponding to the difficulty level.

Here's a game where players move around the board calculating basic addition facts to 18, covering the sums as they go. The player to cover the last number is the winner.

Can't wait to try these Halloween candy math challenges this year

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DIY Mental Math Game

Classroom DIY: DIY Mental Math Game

{FREE!} New Year's Activity Book - perfect way to ring in the new year with your kiddos!

Addition Bump Games FREEBIE from Games 4 Learning - Cute and fun! 2 player games that require only dice and counters to play.

Ognib! A Game of Mental Math Fluency This is a math game, played somewhat like Bingo. It is fully customizable for any math skill for grades 1-5 including • doubles facts • addition • subtraction • multiplication • division $