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  • Debbie Mallette

    Group Game! Contestants roll marbles through the hole in the middle of a pool noodle to knock down five pieces of sidewalk chalk. First team to knock all five pieces of chalk down, wins. Equipment: 1 pool noodle per team, 5 pieces of sidewalk chalk per team, marbles

  • Jinelle Guard

    Party Game ideas~~ Easy fun games for several children. This one pictured is rolling a marble down a pool noodle to knock down sidewalk chalk.

  • Mrs. Pin Addict

    Minute to Win It relay games for middle schoolers.

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Great, inexpensive party games that kids could play. Love the popsicle stick and the dice idea, and the cup stacking with paper plates! Maybe we'll do this on New Years Eve.

Minute to Win It Game idea! Very Funny! by sherry. Did this at girls camp and watching everyone do it was hilarious!!!

minute to win it christmas party games

Nutstacker - Contestant must create one stack of large metal nuts by sliding them off a chopstick without touching them with their hands. (We used 6 nuts)

Minute games, stack hex nuts using spaghetti. Other great ideas at this site. calebandshelley.b...

Minute to Win It Crazy Christmas Party Games Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Chintomby Chintomby Chintomby Pickett the first and second games would be fun

Needs to be adapted for older kids...adding goals, maybe use only one hand...ideas are endless. Fun for $6!

Minute To Win It Party Games--this would be great to use as a "hook" to get kids interested in Science and Math, and to start a new unit!

Supposedly for kids, but I think that they would be hilarious for adults as well!! Meghan Edelhofer Krista King Andrea Genevieve

"Minute to Win It" party games! Great for a birthday or youth group activity.