Ghost Banana: bananas dipped in white chocolate and frozen. Add chocolate chips for eyes. Fun & yummy!

Halloween - usually too many sweets, it's good to have something cute and healthy!

Tons of drink ideas for Halloween parties, sure to spook your guests into have a great time! Blood orange cocktails, Bleeding Heart martinis, and more!

Fun Halloween Food Recipe Ideas

Strawberry Ghosts -- are these cute! Love the little ghost "tails" on them #halloween #partyfood

DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Ghost Craft.

An old doll head or mask and a tomato cage...add a creepy night gown and you have a great prop. Add a light underneath the gown to add an eerie glow.

Halloween Milano Cookies

HALLOWEEN - Strawberry Ghosts + dip in non fat greek yogurt for a low cal dessert!

Tootsie Roll Ghost Tutorial. These are fun, easy to make & CHEAP. You can use them as party favors or have each child make their own during the party! Follow this easy step by step guide!

Milk Jug Jack-O-Lanterns! Using white christmas (or other) lights! brilliant! I think they look like Ghost-O-Lanterns

frankenstein rice krispie treats - just add green food coloring, dip in melted chocolate, and decorate with icing and chocolate chips.

DIY Projects For Kids, DIY Lollipop Spiders. DIY Lollipop Ghosts, Kid Friendly Halloween Crafts, How To Make Sucker Spiders, How To Make Sucker Ghosts

Scare up some Ghostly Brownie S'mores this Halloween, they'll vanish before your very eyes! #smores #peepsonality #halloween

White Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn

Ghostly Spirits - These are adorable! What a perfect Halloween 'spirit'!