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HALLOWEEN TOMBSTONE NAME IDEAS - might be fun in the classroom, too, to see who can figure out the most!

50 Ideas for Making Your Own Valentines (47 of them are way too much work for me, but cute none the less!)

Prop Showcase: Grandfather Clock Cardboard and Dollar Store Items I made this also from card board boxes,small chain to hang small skulls on, it tuned out great

Haha what my tombstone will say

Foam tombstones and a good idea on keeping them in the ground

Love this one! there are funny books of tombstones and obituaries that one could use to make more like this.

Prop Showcase: Show us your stones - Page 40

Here's in loving memory of the naughtier side of Sweet Temptation...Sexy Lolita 1-6 ....we shall meet again .......

awesome! huge and cool. and going in my front yard for halloween this year . . . but where will I store it??

Seventh Crow I don't know if you like this, but I love it.. That harlequin fire place is to die for. That is what the wall my husband painted in the dining room looks like, but big diamonds. I'll take a picture and show you somtime. I can't believe how much better I feel tonight.