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The wings of a butterfly magnified at 200x by Charles Krebs / Butterfly wing scales - Panacea prola (

(Banksia, after forest fire. The fire's heat is necessary to open its seedpods, at the same time allowing them to fall onto newly fertilized soil due to carbon from ash.)

Julia heliconian butterfly egg Dryas iulia Perched on the tendril of a Passiflora plant, the egg of the Julia heliconian butterfly may be safe from hungry ants. This species lays its eggs almost exclusively on this plant's twisted vines.

The EMBO Journal Cover Contest 2012 has its first winner! This hand-coloured scanning electron micrograph was the favourite of the jury in the section "Best Scientific Image". The image shows the surface of a mosquito egg (from Culex pipiens), which generates a water repellent network by connecting microscopically small structures to trap a thin layer of air.

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The invisible beauty of flowers: Images of petals, leaves and pollen captured by electron microscope

A stigma of a sunflower plant, which is curled over here, holding the orange pollen grains

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10 Most Amazing Mushrooms

"Bleeding Tooth Fungus, or Hydnellum peckii which goes by various names often referring to juice or blood. This fungus can be found in North America where it is more common in the Pacific Northwest and resides mostly in coniferous forests. The Bleeding Tooth also makes appearances in Europe and has recently been discovered in both Iran and Korea. Upon a first glimpse of the bleeding tooth fungus, one may dismiss the ruby-red liquid as the blood of some poor forest creature splattered…

Caesar's Mushroom (Amanita caesarea) ~ By Monika Belková