Paint wax paper with red paint then tape over windows.

A different Halloween playlist of music. Awesome!!!

DIY Spider Web with glue and glitter on wax paper

pumpkin carving - MUST do this for Halloween!

DIY - create a creepy halloween mirror.

Wax paper and red paint to create a creepy but fun effect in windows! Love it! :)

super creepy!

creepy creepy creepy Halloween Home Decorating Ideas rounded up by Dishfunctional Design

bloody good zombie party decor tutorial. it's just wax paper and paint

Little Joseph Candle Holder

Very Cool...Tutorial on how to make creepy hands for Halloween

halloween window decor

get some black thin cloth and cut out a creepy girl shape and tape it to your window behind a see through curtain.

Creepy girl floating in the shower...

How to Zombify your hand with toilet paper in 15 minutes.

Ashley I found ur halloween costume

clever, but a little creepy

DIY Magnetic Bugs - Creepy Crawlers for Halloween!

Drink Up Witches!

Monster doors for Halloween! put together these frightfully fun coverings by using a mixture of colored cards, paper plates & tissue paper!