Justine Ashbee Tapestry Necklace

That necklace!!


The necklace too.

cloisonné earrings, susa acropolis 400 b.c. gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise. achaemenid persian period.


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Justine Ashbee Tapestry Necklace

Hervé Van Der Straeten.

Necklaces | www.2dayslook.com

Hervé Van der Straeten

Necklace | Monies Designs. Coconut shell, mountain crystal, ebony, leather.

Mimi Scholer; North Meets South - handmade jewelery: Earthtoiris

Yasuki Hiramatsu


Necklace | Caroline Fung. 'Memories of a Showgirl'.

Kiwon Wang | P A P E R | P A P E R Sterling silver, pearls, newspaper


Vera Wang Spring 2010 rtw

3D geometric jewellery - minimalist statement necklace in a gold finish; architectural jewelry design