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Animals Observing Sir David Attenborough In His Natural Environment (Bird and Moon comics)

The Science of Ocean Acidification

ACID TEST: 3 Minute Science of Ocean Acidification by Tristan Bayer. This is a short and to the point 3 minute video that takes you through the science behind ocean acidification. Created from the 22 minute version of the award winning film "Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification". Watch "Acid Test" in HD at or go to the NRDC's for more information.

Please share this to help spread awareness about ocean acidification. #Save the #ocean. #SOS. Increasing levels of carbon dioxide and decreasing of pH level of seawater is killing all these beautiful organisms.

This groundbreaking NRDC documentary explores the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification, which may soon challenge marine life on a scale not seen for tens of millions of years. The film, featuring Sigourney Weaver, originally aired on Discovery Planet Green.

Despite a boom of recent scientific research documenting this threat, there has been a blackout on the topic at most media outlets. Since the end of 2010, ABC, NBC, and Fox News have completely ignored ocean acidification, and the Los Angeles Times, USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS have barely mentioned it at all. #OceanAcidification

Your definitive guide to all things pertaining to displaced baby birds. And dromaeosaurs.

The powerful before-and-after photographs below were shared as evidence of ocean acidification at the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium in Australia. Please help spread awareness about ocean acidification by pinning these before-and-after photos and starting the conversation about ocean conservation. #OceanAcidification

EPA PROTECT CORALS. FISH, OTTERS, WHALES, SEA TURTLES From Ocean Acidification!! PLEASE SIGN & SHARE! It's time for the EPA to act to save our sea life! Protect our coastal ecosystems & communities from ocean acidification. If the EPA waits too long, the impacts on our oceans -- their coral reefs, fisheries & other marine life -- could be devastating!!!!

The ocean covers about 72 percent of the entire planet and supplies about 70 percent of our oxygen. Yet we still don’t know exactly what’s down there.

18 Books About Sea Animals - Pinned by PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins