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    "Peace and Harmony" by Artisan Direct artist, Michael Bond. On sale for $400.00! View his sensual mixed media paintings at the Art Space Port Jefferson.

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    Saatchi Online Artist: Steve Gamba; Acrylic, 2013, Painting "Miss Marilyn" Prints from $68.00

    Saatchi Online Artist: Steve Gamba; Acrylic, 2013, Painting "Think Different" Prints from $77.00

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    Instinct on exhibition........Pasadena Bead and Design Show July24-27 2014 Hilton Hotel Pasadena California #1132

    Dragonfly Art Print Stained Glass Original Fine by VeroHappyArt, $15.00

    Dragonfly Art Print Illustration Kitchen Decor by VeroHappyArt, $10.00

    Red Flower Art Print Kitchen Decor Floral Red by VeroHappyArt, $15.00


    Cerridwen Cauldron Celtic Goddess 8x10 Print Mythic Art. $18.00, via Etsy.

    Handthrown Pottery Goblets with Sparkly Turquoise Glaze by EllisonBayPottery, $40.00

    Saatchi Online Artist: Steve Gamba; Acrylic, 2012, Painting "Smurphy" Prints start at $68.00

    Journal of Mythic Arts - dedicated to literary, visual and performance arts inspired by myth, folklore, fairy tales and the oral storytelling tradition.

    title unknown ~ oil (?) ~ by jeanie tomanek

    When asked about the significance of different forms in their paintings, the Papunya artists (most of whom have since died) explained that they referred to waterholes, streams, food sources, landscapes, totemic animals, ancestors, mythic beings, rituals, "songlines" and so on. In other words, far from merely decorative, the paintings represent highly elaborated cosmologies. "Women's Dreaming About Bush Tucker 'Yarlga', " 1972, by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri Photo: Grey Art Gallery

    Maree Oaten and Anna Johnson are the creatives behind the Sydney-based art and design studio, Little Branch, and they’ve called their collection of cards for 2012 ‘A Mythic Bush Christmas’: