Pool Noodle Goalpost--Score some point with your kids by making this awesome goalpost!

Football season officially started yesterday, September 4th, so there’s no better time to teach your kids about the game than now. Create a different version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with Wall Football, or start your own Family Fantasy Football League. It’s a great way to learn math, strategy, and social skills while having fun at the same time.

Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids happy and entertained during the summer. This easily customizable pool noodle obstacle course is perfect for a kid’s play date, party or a fam...

Soccer Noodle. Summer is almost over, but don’t put those swimming noodles in storage just yet. Soccer season has just begun, why not make a obsticle course to practice all those fancy kicks and maneuvers? This quick course took literally minutes to set up. All you need are some high quality wire hangers and a few swimming noodles. (One wire hanger for each side of the noodle).

Guess what these JUMBO LINCOLN LOGS are made from!!! POOL NOODLES!!!

Outdoor games with pool noodles - we used these at our summer camp, Allaso Ranch! www.AllasoRanch.com

Marble Track Race {Indoor Games for Kids} This is a clever game that your kids will love!! Super fun for kids of all ages and both girls and boys! Even greater because it's super easy to create! Just cut a pool noodle in half

youth group - Fall fest-Simple Game

32 DIY Backyard Games - for all ages....try getting the balloon in the basket with the pool noodle!

target 7. I could make this from noodles and duct tape!

Dinosaur Feet craft from PBS Parents.

Football toss! More game ideas over at CarnivalSavers.com

Make your own water park with pool noodles and supplies from the hardware store.

DIY Plane Party Favors from SomewhatSimple.com #partyfavors #diy

Tunnels, Caves and Bridges--Turn an old cardboard box into a haven for toy trains and cars. (This craft has been shared nearly 1,500 times on Facebook!)

Noodle Stick Horses--Old pool noodles get another get a second life as stick horses. Such a cute idea for a pool party!

Jellyfish final

Kids Car Wash looks like fun to me!!!

Party Games for Boys. Awesome DIY party games for boys and girls. Great for birthday celebrations, family gatherings and just for fun. Lots of creative inexpensive game ideas.