Easy Camping Activity Bags and More

A Glamping We Will Go! Best list of camping supplies from the Dollar Tree or any other dollar store if you're camping with kids or toddlers

Painting rocks. Fun for the girls and easy to pack if we just being a palette of water colours instead of bottles of acrylics.

8 Things You Need For Camping That You Might Forget : such as this diy paper towel holder made out a plastic crate with a rod through the middle... keeps paper towels from blowing away or falling on the ground!

Make camping with your family more fun with these time, space and energy saving tips.

camping tips

Great list of 55 Camping Games to beat boredom while you are #camping! http://crunchyfrugalista.com/camping-games-for-kids/

Free printable scavenger hunt camping cards. Fun {and easy!} camping activity for the kids.

5 Fun Camping Activities for Kids obstacle course. Bring rope, tie between trees at different angles and have kids climb through.

Camping Therapy Coffee Mug

Rock Friends to make while camping... we always paint rocks, but Ive never thought of bringing along googly eyes and glue too. franchescag

Ultimate Guide to Camping. Recipes, Activities (to keep the little ones busy), gear, everything you need.

Twinkie Strawberry Shortcake (Perfect So Easy for Camping)

Cordless Water Pump - We've used this at our campsites for years. Awesome!

Camping DIY: Solar lights to light up your site!!! Never run out of batteries again! Why didn't I think of this before now?

Such a smart idea! Make ahead, put in the bottle, and place in cooler for easy pancakes!!!

Tips for camping in the rain, and other resources for spending more time in the great outdoors, from Camping Blogger.

seven thirty three - - - a creative blog: 25 Camping Tips, Recipes and Activities {A Round-Up}

Have a nature hike early in the week and go over some basic wilderness skills. Waycross could make this more educational. Bring back poison ivy! JK!!

Pop Up Camping Cupboard.

S-mores-Box - fab idea for a camping trip.