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The Harry Potter cast made it to #31 on the list of 48 things that will make you feel old (click for more)

When we watched this I literally turned to my husband and said, "She's totally playing dumb so that Ron will put his arms around her to demonstrate how it's done." Oldest trick in the book... :)

WHY WOULD YOU POST SOMETHING LIKE THAT!?!?!?!?!? and my kids will know and understand. my 5 year old has already started the first book.

Omg haha. Living in Aus I never realised this, because July IS our mid-winter. Haha. #harrypotter

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the second edition of your favorite show--- On a scale of Flitwick to Madam Maxime how high can Potterheads get!

This is too freaky!

I need this in my life.

"I wasn't going to [repin] this, but then the horse had glasses"

Beautiful. Harry Potter. Hermione Granger. True Friendship.

This kind of stuff is the reason why I can't look at the Weasley twin tag on Tumblr without part of me dying a little. Even if it's fan written, you don't mess with the heart of a Weasley twin fan =/.

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