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  • Sharon Harris

    3 channels, black and white. I'm only 52 but I remember the TVs before the remote controls, color, satellite/cable/digital, flat screens and large sizes. Heck I lived a lot of my childhood without one at all much less one in every room like I have now!

  • Jeannine Douce

    And we only had three channels on our black white TV with an antenna.

  • Pamela Ann

    I'm not sure if I have any recollection of my Dad getting up to change the channel! Why should he when he had three healthy and able kids!! :)

  • Sheila Spencer

    changing channels--oh, so true! And...we only had 3 channels. THREE! Best childhood memories!

  • Angela Evatt

    I so remember this. I think that is why you always saw the kids sitting by the tv :)

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