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Pinned by Alissa Cerami

Alissa Cerami
Alissa Cerami • 2 years ago

Petal paddles!! Bought them from New Orleans Market.

  • Karen Mabry
    Karen Mabry • 1 year ago

    I bought these in NOLA for my daughters. They are incredible and very inexpensive.

  • F Paul Lounsbury
    F Paul Lounsbury • 48 weeks ago

    I just got these on a trip to NOLA at the French market...perfect way to consolidate some of our plants and really amazing in their simplicity. Love mine!

  • Clair Cooper Sanborn
    Clair Cooper Sanborn • 23 weeks ago

    I have bought two sets, one last year and one the year before at the French Market in New Orleans. I love them. I put succulents and cacti in them. They hang outside all summer and then on my porch all winter. They are fabulous! Wish I could find a pattern to have some made--don't think I be returning to NOLA soon!

  • Rhonda Wilkinson
    Rhonda Wilkinson • 9 weeks ago

    I just bought one at the French Market, I am going to love this

  • Nicki Ross
    Nicki Ross • 6 weeks ago

    I just bought mine a few days ago. NOLA was awesome and this will provide lasting memories! Glad to hear how well everyone likes them!!!

  • Jessica Young
    Jessica Young • 2 weeks ago

    They are great for consolidating fresh herbs! I love mine!

  • Shirley Bowes
    Shirley Bowes • 12 days ago

    I just bought one too at the market in New Orleans and love it.

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