Boas at the dollar store and a pool noodle

DIY- A Handful of Snowmen~ Make this with a glove. Precious. Just stuff and decorate a white glove then stick in a clay pot, mug or teacup. Put pulled cotton all around for snow.

pink ribbon wreath

Crescent necktie santa

great easy thrift store idea or dollar store baby kiddie shovel and decorations!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Monsters Inc. wreath! - Cute Quote

of course I love Idea of hanger ,yes sure wire hanger real useful ,can crafts lots things ... DIY Cheap and Easy <3 shaped wreath form- made from a coat hanger and pool noodle. Then decorate!

tulle wreath - baby girl shower

Slice the foam in half, wreath will lay better against the door and bonus! - now you can make 2 wreaths. Smart!

Love this idea.

20 Clever Ways to Use a Pool Noodle... includes indoor and outdoor games and activities, a bike car wash, a water workout, obstacle course, and even a BABY ACTIVITY GYM!!!!... this is great!

Ruffled Heart

Made out of $1 store rubber mat

Dollar Store Crafts » Blog Archive » Braided Ribbon Flip-Flop Makeover

DIY Spring Tulip Wreath.

ornament heart wreath

Dollar store frame and chocolate... cute idea for white elephant or just a simple gift.

lavender door basket


Faux Lemon Wreath