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    La bataille des Champs Catalauniques (par Angus McBride)

    La mort de Théodoric aux Champs Catalauniques par Angus McBride

    “Guard cavalrymen, Roman army, early 2nd century AD” Angus McBride

    Battle of Abydos,13 Apr 989 AD by Giuseppe Rava. - notice the tattoos on the Varangian warriors in the forground, which were basically Viking mercenaries in the service, here, of a Russin Prince.

    Roman auxiliary cavalrymen, recruited from Celtic tribes, burn a Marcomanni (a Germanic tribe) village, 1st/2nd cent. AD - art by Angus McBride

    Angus McBride - Hastati, triarii y velite hispanorromanos de la II Guerra Púnica, 218-201 AC.

    "Franks confront frozen Roman, northern France, 4th century AD", Angus McBride

    French Medieval Armies 1000–1300 - Knightly dubbing ceremony, c.1328 Osprey Publishing

    Parades de Clibanarii, Rome, 357 d.C. Les clibanarii sont des cataphractaires dont les chevaux sont protégés par des bardes composées par des broignes du même type que celles dont les cavaliers sont couverts.

    The Dahomey Amazons were an all-female army that fought for the Kingdom of Dahomey (now Republic of Benin) for almost 200 years .

    Battle of Adowa: Ethiopia Advance. Ethiopian forces inflicted the most casualties of ANY major battle of the 19th century. Furthermore, they used modern arms effectively with one of their artillery batteries playing a key role in the battle, out-gunning artillery fired by the Italian forces at a crucial phase.

    Roman auxiliaries in Britania, 118 A.D. ~ art by Angus McBride

    Angus McBride

    A centurion leads his legionaries through a storm of arrows at the Battle of Dyrrhachium ~ Radu Oltean.

    A battle between Vikings and Carolingians by Angus McBride.

    Battle of Alesia by Angus McBride

    "The battle of Ilipa", Igor Dzis - a battle between Carthaginians and Romans.

    Germanic tribes and roman empire

    Caesar addressing his legionaries. Go here for the full illustration and more from these talented artists:

    4th Century Germanic warrior

    Roman Emperor Trajans war with the Dacians - art by Angus McBride