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La bataille des Champs Catalauniques (par Angus McBride)

Last stand by the Romans at the battle of Adrianople - 378 CE. Art by Angus McBride

La mort de Théodoric aux Champs Catalauniques par Angus McBride

A battle between Vikings and Carolingians by Angus McBride.

The Battle of Mohi (Muhi), 11 April 1241, was the main battle between the Mongol Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary during the Mongol invasion of Europe. It took place at Muhi, southwest of the Sajó River. After the invasion, Hungary lay in ruins. Nearly half of the inhabited places had been destroyed by the invading armies. Around 15–25 percent of the population was lost, mostly in lowland areas.

Parades de Clibanarii, Rome, 357 d.C. Les clibanarii sont des cataphractaires dont les chevaux sont protégés par des bardes composées par des broignes du même type que celles dont les cavaliers sont couverts.

The battle of Strasburg 357 AD, fought between the Late Roman army of (deputy emperor) Julian and the Alamanni (Germanic) tribal confederation led by the joint paramount king Chnodomar.

Angus McBride - Hastati, triarii y velite hispanorromanos de la II Guerra Púnica, 218-201 AC.

Liegnitz, 1241. Illustration d'Angus Mc Bride.

Army Air Assault Combat Engineer Metal Sign

Recreated Roman Boat. A Military Patrol Boat of the Rhine fleet. Replica after the Ship fund in Roman Civis Mogontiacum (Mainz, Germany)

Roman legions in battle in the Dacian Wars ~ art by Angus McBride

The Battle of Lake Trasimene (June 24, 217 BCE) was a major battle in the Second Punic War. The Carthaginians under Hannibal defeated the Romans under the consul Gaius Flaminius. The battle is one of the largest and most successful ambushes in military history. Artwork by Angus McBride

Roman Legionaries battle Franks, 4th Century AD.

Evolution of the Roman warship

Constantinople, the capital of the eastern roman empire

Roman auxiliaries in Britania, 118 A.D. ~ art by Angus McBride

Sumerian warrior (top of page) and 2 Egyptian soldiers below.

“The Myrmillo” Angus McBride

Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians, leads her Saxon warriors against Danish Vikings at Derby, central England, 917 AD - art by Angus McBride