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    La bataille des Champs Catalauniques (par Angus McBride)

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    • Keith Tamkei

      The Battle of Chalons by Angus McBride, pits the army of Attila, which comprised of Huns, Ostrogoths Gepids, against the forces of Theodoric and his "Roman" army of Visigoths, Franks, Alans Burgundians. Basically two armies made up of Germanic tribes.

    • Liz Burnside

      871 King Ethelred of Wessex and his brother Alfred (the Great) defeated the Danish Vikings at the Battle of Ashdown.

    • Jose Luis Martinez

      451 d.C - Batalla de los Campos Catalaúnicos o de Chalons - Roma y Visigodos contra Atila de los Hunos

    • Chico Murray

      Chalons Champs - Angus McBride. Very much how I see the battle on the Tagus going down.

    • Damien Bagaria

      La bataille des Champs Catalauniques (par Angus McBride)

    • Joaquín Vazquez Sánchez

      Batalla de los campos Cataláunicos

    • Roran Kendal

      gerry embleton. viking |

    • Rafael Martín Gil

      Batalla de Poitiers

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