• Ashley Stone

    & I love you for that:) Always my best friend, but always need a mother too!

  • The Mommies Network

    Love this parenting #quote, parents are not friends, they still love deeply #parenting #mommiesnetwork

  • Julie Shiffert

    Because I love you. that's right, and if your not my kid and your parents suck, I'll do this to you too!

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oh. my. gosh.

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Because sometimes bedtime takes forever … and it should.

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Epic Birthday Cake - boys would have a fit! Lol

Jack Lemmon as Daphne in ‘Some Like It Hot’, 1959.


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There’s a place in Ireland where every 2 years, the stars line up with this trail on June 10th-June 18th. It’s called the Heaven’s Trail. Amazing.

Barbie's proportions brought to life: 5'9" 110lbs 39" bust, 18" waist, 33"hips. So, don't dream to be Barbie because in reality, she looks like a freak!

Because I love you.

And somehow we all managed to survive!

let this be me when i'm 75

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This one is taken over the two small towns of Gerlach and Empire, Nevada.