Foam Armour tutorial

this is just...too awesome for words ChrisFa 03 by on @deviantART

Craft Foam Armor Tutorial

How to make antlers: Starting with a base of iron wire covered in foam. Then carve the foam into shape and cover it with light weight clay (L'Artista clay). After sanding and fine tuning cover the entire thing in worbla to give it strength.

Fairie wings!!

How to make Props with Plastidip and Foam Sheets by *RuffleButtCosplay on deviantART #cosplay #diy

WOW! Very awesome indeed. :D Super useful. :) No-Stretch Boot Cover Tutorial by *FireLilyCosplay on deviantART

Craft Foam tutorial

Griffith Armor Tutorial. #armor #cosplay

This woman's tutorial/walk-through on how she made her costume wings is *amazing*.

You could just cut and remodel some gloves for cheap archery gloves

How to use/carve expanding foam (Kamui Cosplay)

Zelda Armor step by step

how to armor

How to make armor from foam. I might need this someday.

how to make craft foam armor

I'm sure I've already posted this elsewhere...amazing! Time to make some killer steampunk wings

How to make foam armor.

Awesome! Made with a cheap bra, epoxy, craft foam and paint!

armor made from craft foam great tutorial for cosplay on a budget

wonder woman foam corset - instructions aren't detailed, but who cares. This looks awesome!