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The Christian Science Monitorfrom The Christian Science Monitor

Republicans block Senate bill to boost veterans' benefits

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Solvency is there doing it Sen.Sanders way. The govt needs to repay Soc. Sec.!! Reagan took money from Soc. Sec. It needs to be repaid.

This is exactly what the people who are bitching about Obama's 4 yrs are failing to realize...just because he's President does not mean that he has the power to do it all..he needs the guys on the right to work w/him, but they won't, just so that they can say he did nothing...smh

It's astounding that those that think they are saving America are really doing the work for billionaires & furthering their Aggressive,Greedy, Hateful Agendas. Anything resembling "Rational Thinking" or "Common Sense" is lost on these people.... Which makes them Dangerous to this country. THIS is the best post about what REALLY motivates conservatives!!!!

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Truth be told... Cases in point are the invisible WMD of Saddam Hussein, the atrocities and broken treaties with the American Indians, what happened with the incarceration of countless thousands of innocent Japanese Americans during WW2, etc. These speak to the evilness and corruption of the greedy and powerful...