Great way to store holiday decorations: paper cups!

Glue plastic cups to cardboard and place ornaments in individual storage bins!

Use an egg carton to store & organize Christmas ornaments. Free and environmentally friendly!

DIY PVC storage bin organizer. Such an awesome idea for the garage or storage room.

Diy Project: Paper Ornament Tutorials! Pine cone ornament

display ornaments

I LOVE this idea!

Christmas trees out of paper plates and tissue paper.dollar store candlesticks as trunks

lantern filled with ornaments #ornaments #Christmas

snowball ornament; coat with glue stick, dip in epson salt.

Christmas Season - DIY Pearl Ornament

Giant Ornament made from large plastic ball, tin bucket and aquarium glue. So cute!

great xmas ornament storage idea!

cute Christmas decoration idea

holiday vase decor

Low cost Christmas decor storage ideas. It isn't nearly as much fun putting it away as it is getting it out, is it?

So smart

Battery storage. Clever. What would you classify this box as? And where would I find it? A: fishing tackle box, or some craft storage boxes.

Recycle and Organize: Box for Organizing Towels

wreath storage coat rack... could keep it in the garage (if we ever have a house that has a garage... lol)

re-use CD spindles for ribbon storage. Brilliant!