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Find Someone Who Quotes - Will true love enter your life very soon? ...all is revealed -


He knows I love falling asleep like this so when we lay together he holds me tight and we fall asleep like that . Every. Single. Night. ❤️


this has got to be one of my favorite quotes of all time, because its so true


Robot Check

then it goes crashing and burning to the ground with great force.. then you think to yourself.. hmm why in the hell did I try to care about that stupid asshole?! oh wait I know. its cause I really did care and he used me like a tooth brush and got rid of me when I got old. -__-


A Series Of 32 Inspiring #Relationship #Quotes, Which One Would Suit You Best?


I got him. He is my everything, love of my life, the father of my girls and many times the big pain in my butt! hahahaha

just the thought of you make me smile quotes |

You are the only one that gives me that feeling of true love but you just don't see it and now I'm Gone!