Jazz album cover ✭ vintage graphic inspiration

CLIFF ROBERTS I just stumbled upon this charming book the other day entitled, The First Book of Jazz, by Langston Hughes. Written in the book has really beautiful illustrations by Cliff Roberts.

The poster of the Monterey Jazz Festival By Pablo Lobato — Designspiration

JAZZ - "Monterey Jazz Festival", Poster - Illustration and Graphic by Pablo Lobato Argentine).

Album cover by  Paul Bacon, 1954, Randy Weston plays Cole Porter.

Randy Weston: Cole Porter In A Modern Mood Label: Riverside 2508 LP 1954 Design: Paul Bacon Photo: Bob Parent

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Penguin books: cover by Abram Games Pelican book cover book design

Black Cat Jazz Poster

Black Cat Piano Jazz Bar artwork original graphic illustration signed archival artists print giclee by Stephen Fowler

Norman Granz' Jazz Concert, label: Norgran (1950) illustration by David Stone Martin.

Norman Granz' Jazz Concert No. 1 Jazz at First Sight: The Art of David Stone Martin

The Mayor's Tongue

Jacket design for "The Mayor's Tongue" by English book designer Jon Gray. via grain edit

Don Cheadle as Miles. Indubitably. Please don't toy with my affection and emotions... Make it SOOONNNN!

Miles Film Poster Designed by Heath Killen. Good reusing of the photo from the album, 'A Tribute to Jack Johnson'. A well structured fan poster for a future up coming movie. As a fan of Miles Davis myself, I'm looking forward to it!

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(generic) sleeve RPM, cover graphic - "Supraphon Record": Flamenco, by 'Panic & Cernem'.