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    Understanding The Progressed Moon in Astrology So check out your temporary Moon & have some fun with it. Remember also, that the Moon in your chart needs to be fed-fed-fed. You do what your Moon needs and you will always feel at home in the world. NOT what someone else thinks would be cool for you or some generalised dictate; your Moon. Thus if you look to your progressed Moon as well, even better…Try it and see.

    The girl, the cat, the lion, the bird by Oriol Angrill Jordà

    Over The Moon For You

    by Kate Pugsley.

    Margaret W. Tarrant (1888-1959)

    From the Trees (etching) by Philippa Jones

    francisca prieto {folded paper - bird journal}




    simple & pretty


    Framed Moon



    Sunset Flight


    Moon and Trees and Stars

    Geese Flying across Full Moon Japanese early 1830s Utagawa Hiroshige I Kawaguchiya Shôzô (Shôeidô, Eisendô)

    beautiful bird illustration

    Couple with birds