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Wholesome Cocoa Branding

Higher Living is a UK based herbal tea company with over 45 years of brewing experience using only 100% natural and organic ingredients  | packaging designed by London based agency B&B

Packaging for Higher Living Tea by B&B Studio - BP&O

Planet-friendly chocolatier Askinoise underscores its message with paper-based packaging.

Askinoise Chocolate My current chocolate obsession. Can't wait to order their baking chocolate & cocoa nibs and. Non-Alkalized, total hippie chocolate.

Unique Packaging Design, The Soap Company #Packaging #Design (

This is Gimme Bar, the greatest invention of all time.

Packaging with die cut window for B Tea from Whittard designed by Nick and Carole.

New Packaging for Whittard's B Tea by Nick and Carole - BP&O

"Trinidad Chocolate Trinidad Chocolate"

To know more about Trinidad Chocolate Trinidad Chocolate, visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world!

Dandelion Chocolate package love the metallic gold and simple sophistication that feel antique and modern at the same time

The Dieline's Top 25 Chocolate Bar Packages

Schwarz Swiss Chocolate by Anton Deloy, via Behance great graphics and colors. Mmmm chocolate PD

I'll take my chocolate with a side of De Stijl, plx! Schwarz Swiss Chocolate by Anton Deloy, via Behance