Aniak with her new pup at Seattle Aquarium

A Scottish baby otter!

Baby Otter Pups For Everyone

Otter pup

Otter Pup

Otter pups

Newborn Otter Pup!

"otter pups, sleeping on their moms"

sweet otter pup with mama

Momma otter and her pup

Otter pup face hug

Otter pup living the dream

New Otter Pups at Australia's Taronga Zoo! 1

sea otter pup!

Otter Pup Has a Vet Appointment Via USFWSAlaska

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Otter Pup on Exhibit! Cuteness alert! A rescued...

Otter pup tries to look natural - September 11, 2014

Sea Otter Pups...I can't even handle it!

This sea otter pup was rescued at California's Central Coast. Now he lives in Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Sea otter mom and pup, Victoria

Wild Sea Otter and Pup