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That moment when you realize someone was dumb enough to make these signs necessary.

I dont even know what to do with this information... more funny pics on facebook:

I dont why this made my morning...... something is wrong with me lol

This is so me! You can sometimes get away with it by asking how to spell their names...unless their name ends up being Bob...

I don't think that's what they're for BAAAHAHAHAHAHHA I DIED

Lol! My cay is still looking in the living room for the Red dot. I actually think I might have screwed up his mind a bit with it!

My biggest concern is that someone actually paid that girl to do this

But my favorite, that we saw during our 2005 road trip, isn't in this collection- "Road Ends In Water" (there was no bridge, just a tiny 2 or 3 car ferry).

Blain's Kitten spam Thread - Page 9 - Christian Chat Rooms & Forums

everytime!! not because the food is burning, because my oven hates me.

Dying at Si trying to quote "We Didn't Start The Fire."