True story!! But hey!! When we find something we can really afford or fits our reality we are the happiest women in the world!! 😄

WOW! An amazing new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! Here is where I got it from - can someone give this to the Jersey Shore peoples please (:

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Perhaps so true

Pinterest & Facebook; Love & Hate

ha truth

So true!

Nothing has ever been more me. I'm so sorry friends and family.


hehehe so true

so true #pinterest #facebook #quote


Pinterest :)

So true!!! Lol it is

So freakin true

Funny cards about Pinterest - #9 someecards-wine-and-pinterest

Hahaha very true!

Pinterest is My New Google.

I'm convinced that Pinterest could teach me to build my dream house with nothing but foam wreaths, wine bottles, and a glue gun."

Every day of my life