Sipping, amazing, bird is using stilts as a tool for not getting wet.

A "cool" way to fish in more ways than one!..................................... #kingfisher

“A strange passion is moving in my head My heart has become a bird which searches in the sky. Every part of me goes in different directions. Is it really so that the one I love is Everywhere?” ― Rumi



humming bird

Humming bird

let's start the day and play

Gyrfalcon -- The largest falcon in the world, the Gyrfalcon breeds in arctic and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere. It preys mostly on large birds, pursuing them in breathtakingly fast and powerful flight.


Beautiful coloring



Crowned Pigeon.Awesome birds.And very pround of her beautiful pose.

patrick olona | Repinned via Patrick Olona☮╰დ╮╭დ╯☮ ❥ Peace & ❥ℒℴνℯ❥☮Laughter ☮ My sweetest feathered friends, may you bast in all the magnificent glory of the Creator... Y'all are so beautiful souls, none compare, yet, wherein, we are all equal... or not? Point to Ponder... think... ? .? ☮╰დ╮╭დ╯☮ ❥ Peace & ❥ℒℴνℯ❥☮Laughter ☮

Golden Eagle - Perched bird of prey

✿ڿڰۣ(̆̃̃❤Aussiegirl #LOVE Sun Conure Parrots

Something about this Kingfisher in all that foliage is absolutely adorable

Beautiful glass hummingbird feeder.