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Each stroke- Frame: There was five minutes where each stroke was igniting my clit more and more. (marks get bigger, more flamey)

Make a really pretty quilt but think how long it would take just to cut the strips, and the sewing would be a nightmare!!

Student Graphic Design - the depth and simplicity one can achieve with lines is fascinating

Erin Quigley Gokounous this looks like something you'd doodle... Don't know how I'd use it, but I like the texture.

Scattered Fragments - monochrome pattern, black & white print design // Lie Dirkx

collectifpointbarre: vjeranski: Sem título: Tecelar (Untitled: Weaving) , 1956 / Lygia Pape / Barres point.

Would you like to learn how to hypnotize someone fast? Learn how you can use rapid hypnosis techniques for fun, entertainment, work, life transformations... howtohypnotizesom...

triangles lines black and white pattern design - Bloglovin. I did this obsessively as a teenager-triangles everywhere - just like this!