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My Experience With Tea So Far

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With the holidays quickly approaching, I have the same bit of anxiety I always do concerning Abbey witnessing the act of alcohol consumption by people we only associate with at that time of the year...I feel there is something like a 73% chance that they will recieve a lecture concerning the risky situation with which they are engageing in. If at some point it does occur, I feel for those people because they do not stand a chance against her, no amount of adult logic would work because she…

I saw that Amazon used the first drone to ship a package the other only took 18 mins. after ordering...but this would be great too!

Oh Shawn for some reason would not stop bringing up my fling with a cable guy years before I met HIM FUNNY sHiT

Where Can I Download This?

I wish I had this for every single time people say really, really stupid things.