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Chuck and Blair's Wedding

Pin for Later: Look Back at Every Gossip Girl Wedding! Chuck and Blair's Wedding Blair's blue dress comes courtesy of Elie Saab.

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Your House Is Really, Really Old

Pin for Later: 8 Signs Your House Is Haunted, According to Horror Movies Your House Is Really, Really Old

What You Can Expect From Mockingjay — Part 1

Kurt and Rachel From Glee

Pin for Later: Pop Culture Halloween: 39 Costume Ideas For BFFs Kurt and Rachel From Glee

Scream Queens: Chanel

Pin for Later: The Best TV Character Halloween Costumes Scream Queens: Chanel Chanel tries to get all her minions to dress as wives of dead presidents, and of course she gets to be Jackie.

The New Trailer For Foxcatcher Has What You Always Want: More Channing Tatum