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Do you know how fun life would be if I had even just a handful of you as my in the flesh real life friends?!!!! ??????!!!!! Maybe in the coming years there will be social events held only for Pinterest Kindred Souls! I can dream, right?!!! ^,^ KBunnie

Electronic Hoarding - LOL! Probably true, but it's not a fire hazard, there are no bugs or rodents, all the toilets and sinks are functional and clean, the food in my frig is all within date, and Pinterest has no undesirable smells. How bad can it be? I'm not ashamed to be an electronic content hoarder.

MomSpottedfrom MomSpotted

My Favorite Your E-Cards

I hardly EVER change the captions. I just go with whatever the last person said cause I'm pretty much to lazy to change it. Other times I don't even read what it says. Mmmm. Maybe I should start!

That moment when you decide to punch your husband in the face While he's sleeping cause you'd rather Hear him bitch then listen to him snore.

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