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Great interactive explanation/ demo of printmaking techniques from Moma--have used this for years, great resource

Learn to draw a face in proportion with this free printable sheet from The easy to follow steps will make your portrait lesson a breeze to teach!

artwitholiverifrom artwitholiveri

Wire Self Portrait

Good technique for wire portrait sculptures.

"What to draw, how to draw it" online drawing book shows step-by-step drawings. Great sub plan if you have a projector.

Coloring Technique Video - Color Pencils. Add dimension to line art drawings with color pencils. You can blend and mix colors easily using the simple coloring pencil art techniques in this video.

How to Draw Buildings and Skyscrapers using One Point Perspective to create the illusion of looking up at the tall buildings in a City. A simple step by step art video.

What is Abstract Art? This short video explanation is very good ... with simple dialogue.

tape on a wall or board to show perspective. Even have the kids assist. Very hands on and effective for understanding!