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  • Ana Karina Beltran

    Janne Parviainen has created a personal painting technique that reflects the urban and technology centered life of today. His most common subjects are city environments and nature landscapes. That takes skill people. SKILL.

  • Jescia Hopper

    Janne Parviainen light painting - go through to artist site (all flash)

  • Jessica B.

    At Night the Roads Disappear by Janne Parviainen

  • Laureen Rodgers

    skeleton art

  • Michelle Olah

    Janne Parviainen, Helinski-based photographer, has been drawing skeletons and other kinds of light figures in camera for years. The images you see have not been altered in post production – the crazy light figures are captured by the artist organically using traditional exposure techniques. The subjects in his photos are affectionately dubbed the “noodle men” for their squiggly line appearance created by light exposure.

  • artistaday

    Helsinki, Finland artist Janne Parviainen #art #photography

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