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Chocolate comes from the tropical cacao tree called Theobroma cacao, which literally translates as "food of the gods". Cacao beans are found nestled in the tender pith of cocoa pods (fruits), that grow directly from the trunk of its tree like exotic, elongated melons. Each fruit contains 20-50 purple-brown cacao seeds, which takes about 6 months to ripen and must be carefully harvested by hand. Native to Central and South America, cacao is grown everywhere around the equator of the globe…

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Learn how to grow watermelon in pots. Growing watermelon in containers allow this big, sweet and juicy fruit to grow in smallest of spaces.

This is what baby bananas look like. Bananas trees are every where. We have had some in our back yard. They are kind of like corn, in that they grow on a large type of pulpy stalk and need to be cut down every year, Unlike corn, a new tree can grow from the old root that is still under ground.

#Cacao fruit on the theobroma tree. Seeds from these pods are harvested to make Its seeds are used to make #cocoa powder and #chocolate.

Cocoa tree, and pods | Brazil Where does our food come from, and what is the cost?

Chocolate has tropical origins. It comes from the cacao tree of the rain forest. Seeds pods (show in picture above) grow not on the end of branches but directly off of the branches and trunk. Each pod is about the size of a pineapple and holds thirty to fifty seeds. That is enough to make about seven milk chocolate or two dark chocolate bars. Cacao seeds are not sweet. The scientific name of the cacao tree, Theobroma means “food of the gods.”