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  • Tabitha King

    This is how a burger from Burger King with 1050-slices of bacon compares with an iPhone 4S.................... Like it matters or anything

  • Susan Kessler

    Biggest bacon cheeseburger!!! Check out my latest blog at:

  • Sammie

    Bacon sandwich

  • Ell Langford

    Holy big bacon burger, Batman!!! Burger with 1,050 bacon slices via #geekologie

  • Jennifer Truman

    Hamburger with 1050 pieces of bacon! A heart attack waiting to happen!!!

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Bacon! Is ALWAYS the answer! @Maura Coughlin guess who this reminds me of ;D

not being mean, but honestly a resemblence. and i would feel bad if i aqreed with the way these women push their children to live a childhood dream they still yes funny pic

The longer I look at it the funnier it gets

'Would you like some of my bacon? I grabbed too many slices.' said no one ever.

Bacon Whopper with 1050 slices of bacon (Ordered by a reporter at a Tokyo BK, 14,300 calories)

Brussel Sprout Salad - will be on my short list for this spring/summer (now that spring is FINALLY here)

If I had a category for "food propaganda," it would go in there. Justonescarf Etsy shop