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Resurrection eggs share Christ | CommissionStories - Asia

Great idea for easter egg evangelism. Christian workers in East Asia do this each year. Great way to tie pagan Eostre's eggs with Christian Easter Resurrection eggs share Christ

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers  With just 6 eggs, a simple story-telling sentence for each, and easy peasy items to go inside, these Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers are so doable!  *printable*  -crumb/cracker-  -tissue-  -cross-  -rock-  -empty-  -treat- M:

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers idea from Happy Home Fairy. Such a great idea to teach the Easter story to small children who are too young to do other religious Easter ideas. May put it in something other than eggs.

Print an Easter Story Wreath for your kids to make! Finally- an Easter craft WITHOUT a bunny!!!

Make an Easter Story Wreath {free printables!} Great way to keep the faith / biblical meaning of Easter! Could laminate and use each year with Velcro during Holy Week.

We will do this in Powersurge and Crosstown on Easter Sunday. We will give the poem and 2 bags of jelly beans to each kid. They can eat each color as we read the poem in class then take a bag home to share the story of Easter with a friend.

Easter Jelly Bean Poem A bag full of jelly beans, colorful and sweet, it's an Easter promise, and an Easter treat

Resurrection Garden leading up to Easter.  I am already a week late, but better late than never.  Thank you Tori for the idea. @Tori Sdao Long

Easter - Resurrection garden + tips on talking to kids about easte. So great, Avan is doing this in his class!

Free Printable Bible Crafts | Jelly Bean Prayer Template ( black and white or color )

Easter Jelly Bean Prayer Coloring Page: Can make smaller size and staple to bag of jelly beans w/ corresponding colors for EASTER. glue each jelly bean to paper.

A Pocket full of  LDS prints: Jelly Bean Prayer poem - Easter freebie

A Pocket full of LDS prints: Jelly Bean Prayer poem - Easter freebie. Used this for my primary class, and for my young women this year.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust: The Jelly Bean Prayer

The Jelly Bean Prayer

The Jelly Bean Prayer. Telling the story of our Savior.

The Jelly Bean Prayer Author: Unknown Red is for the blood he gave, Green is for the grass he made.

75 Easter Crafts to Make

75 Easter Crafts Things Needed: ?Water balloons (or very small regular balloons) ?Fabric Stiffener (such as Stiffy, available at craft and fabric stores) ?Embroidery floss in various pastel colors ?

Spread the Gospel any way that those who don't know him will listen.  Fill eleven plastic eggs with candy and a single bible verse with numbers telling the Easter story.  Go to your neighbors and anonymously put the poster on their door.  Hide (not too hard to find) all twelve eggs.  God can do the rest!

Hide eggs in your friend's yard and leave a note that says "There are 12 eggs hidden in your yard! Enjoy the hunt, but don't be discouraged when you find the empty egg. It is a simple reminder of Jesus' empty tomb.

32 Easter Decorating, Party, Food and Gift Ideas --Peeps for my Peeps!!!

32 Easter Decorating, Party, Food and Gift Ideas

4 my Peeps Easter treat. 32 Easter Decorating, Party, Food and Gift Ideas

Washi Tape Easter Egg Wreath

How to make an affordable and easy Washi Tape Spring Wreath!

Make a Washi Tape Spring Egg Wreath! Easter Crafts and Spring DIY Projects